NoWaste Ukraine is the biggest recycling organization in Ukraine

Research, Brand model, Communication, Concept design
NWU reached us with request to update brand identity.
The main reason for the changes was that the current identity did not reflect the progressive nature of the team:
«We want to show and broadcast the idea that recycling is cool, not shameful. Move as far as possible from the dull image of the utility service. At our station people take and post pictures. We want everything to be more, brighter, punk and fun. Forget forever soviet taste and race forward on bright ecology unicorns».
of the NWU team
The brand also needed change. There was no clear understanding of how best to position itself, as well as how to achieve an ambitious goal: to collect 1,000 tons of recyclables per month.

We took the project pro bono. Sustainability, reasonable consumption and environmental friendliness are important topics for us. Thus, the help of NWU is our contribution not only to the brand, but also to the promotion of sustainable movement. This project was not implemented, but we finalized it and decided to share with it.

We started our design journey with the research.
Here are some key findings:
1. NoWaste Ukraine is a service and
users need proper treatment.
People who sort often do so in spite of everything: the lack of infrastructure and relevant laws, the complexity of the process, the financial costs. So when it comes to working with any recycling station, they expect support and friendliness.
How can we help our audience here? Communicate without instructions, shaming, teachings. Instead, be friendly and polite.
2. People consider waste as garbage, that is, something dirty, bad and unnecessary.
Our goal is to show that "nothing is rubbish." Almost everything we throw away can be either recycled or safely burned. This also requires appropriate communication visually. Become as clean, sterile and attractive as possible. Display waste in a way that inspires reuse. Garbage should not be disgusting, it is a cool material for something new.
3. More fun, please.
Finally, people have enough domestic worries, stress at work and anxiety due to global challenges. We wanted to turn the Хочеться a road to a sorting station into pleasant pastime. Identity and communication should not be frightening by the fact that everything is too small and we have little chance to improve, but on the contrary — to inspire, motivate, ignite in every possible way cool cool actions.

Together with the team, we wanted to turn the organization that provides services into a powerful community, where the main thing is support and motivation. Brand soulmate for NWU has become NIKE, which does not force you to be a reference athlete, but encourages you to make every effort. One of the main barriers for many was "shame for the future", "what if I sort in a wrong way?", "And how do I sometimes have to throw plastic in the trash under the house?".
NWU cares for the common victory and appreciates every "not perfect" contribution to it. NoWaste Ukraine is the support.

We have a clear understanding of what the NWU brand is about and how to communicate with the users:

1. Friendly, but not familiar.
2. Confident and accurate.
3. Inspirational and positive.
4. Openly and finding common ground with everyone. NWU is not a closed community of sorting fans, but a place of strength and support.
When creating the identity for Nowaste Ukraine, we decided that its new face was to broadcast as many principles of sustainability as possible: recycling, minimization and reasonable consumption, upcycling and environmental friendliness overall.
Here is how we embodied all these important things in the new style:
1. Ecological
The easiest task was to choose branded colors. The main color is absolute white. It is about cleanliness, sterility and the absence of excess. The main color of NWU is electric green. On the one hand it is the most eloquent metaphor of an ecological organisation, and on the other hand it has a bold statement vibe.
2. Sorting and reuse
We needed to somehow show visually the principle of sorting. We decided to show it with a grid, any element on the material must have its own "container".
The font was supposed to be either "vintage" or monospaced, cause we wanted to make a container-like grid for every graphic element to recreate the recycling principle by graphic means. Thus, we made Courier great again. In terms of minimisation, we put away all the ink from the typeface.
Only stroke was left alive to shorten the consumption of paint during printing.
We returned our 97th.
Inspired by the typography of
Oops !, Cool and the works of David Carson
We returned our 97th. Inspired by the typography of Oops !, Cool and the works of David Carson
3. Minimization and reasonable consumption.
Remember a cool project, which outlined only the outline of the logos. Thus reducing the use of paint several times. In fact, every printed material requires a lot of resources to create. By not giving up cool massive headlines, we've significantly reduced their ink consumption.

In a previous version of this identity, we experimented with header typography, and redesigned the CSTM Xprmntl 02 font from
We like the old version for its brutality and uncanonical approach to the construction of Cyrillic letters
We like the old version for its brutality and uncanonical approach to the construction of Cyrillic letters

This version of the typography was initially accepted, but then seemed to the team too difficult to read. We later realized that the new redesigned font at the concept level is not suitable for identity, so it is better to take the existing Courier font and use it not only in descriptions but also in headings.

It was important for us not only to give visual branding a deep meaning, but also to really make a conscious identity. So we tried to minimize the creation of new materials and the use of any new resources. You can not create a new shopper, but make a new one from the old one. Or turn your favorite T-shirt into a statement with stickers.
New materials are long forgotten old ones.
It was cool and hopefully useful design journey. NWU leaders liked the proposed identity, but unfortunately it did not come to life. However, we fell in love with this project, brought it to a final look with an updated logo and typography and decided to show it.