About us

We are a small team of top-notch designers, who bridge together engineering and aesthetics to create significant projects.

Engineering-Aesthetic Approach:
We create meticulously engineered and aesthetically refined designs. Almost every year, we receive Red Dot awards for our work.

Top-notch Designers:
We have a small team that has been working together for a long time, which means that only art directors and senior-level designers will work on your project.

We are partners not only within our team but also with our clients. Each project is guided by our partners from start to finish, and the work doesn't get passed from one person to another.

From Logo to Large-Scale Platforms:
We are skilled in developing digital products from the initial brief to launch and from branding to digital platforms or mobile applications.

November 2023. Anichka, Olya, Bohdan, Nastichka, Anisha, Romka, and Volodymyr

June 2021. Nastichka, Romka, Anisha, Anichka, Bo, and Vovka.

November 2018. Vo, Romka, Semen, Anisha, Nastia, and Bo.

August 2018. Nastichka, Hanusia, Volodymyr, Bohdan, Romka, and Anisha.

2021. Anichka, Romko, Vovka, Nastich, Zorya.

April 2017. Nastich, Bo, Vlodko, and the head of Tom Selleck.

2021. Nastich, Vovka, Anisha, Anichka, Bo, Romka.

2023. Anichka, Olich, Romko, Vo, Bo.


Volodymyr Smyrnov

Design director and partner at Spiilka. Art director for the Megogo project. His portfolio includes approximately 200 websites and applications. Has received 10 Reddot Awards, been shortlisted for Cannes Lions, and won gold at ADC.UA, silver at Golden Drumm, as well as gold, silver, and bronze at the KMFR and MMFR festivals.

Nastichka Zherebetska

Design director and partner at Spiilka. Art director and artist whose prints are worn by celebrities, including Sandra Bullock. She has received 9 RedDot awards and has been featured in Times, Huffington Post, Vogue, and Dazed.

Team Member

Bo Iaremchuk

Designer and art director specializing in brand identity development. Received 6 RedDot awards, including the Best of the Best in the category.

Team Member

Roma Sapielkin

UX/UI designer who has designed almost all of our websites and applications. Received 6 Reddot awards and gold at ADC.UA

Anna Sosnovska

UX/UI designer. Develops concepts and complex systems, conducts research and testing.

Olya Dovzhenko

Our all-in-one manager responsible for all non-design-related activities at Spiilka, such as new business, operations, and client communication.

Ani Kazarian

New business manager. The liaison between Spiilka's Kyiv office and the world. Manages international partnerships, clients, and PR.

Sergii Radi

Graphic and motion designer who creates various types of animations for our projects.